The  Sellers’ Compass™ was born out of necessity.  One founder of New Business Strategies was a growth strategist, the other a serial B2B CMO and operations executive.  Over their careers they were vexed by a recurring problem – how to achieve predictable revenue in times of uncertainty, velocity and changing customer attitudes.   Through lots of root cause analyses, innovation, and experimentation, progress was made in baby steps.    Sellers' Compass

We learned that buyers behaved similarly, pre- and post-purchase, based on the size of company, geography, type of problem, and their role. That was a big epiphany because it meant that buyer behavior, expectations and experiences could be discovered, rationalized and acted upon.

The second epiphany came when we started to implement the methods – talking, acting, and serving customers in ways they valued was more impactful than just fixing the sales pipeline – it became a company’s biggest sales and brand differentiator.

It was transformative. That was big. The Sellers’ Compass was born.

The Sellers’ Compass is a step-by-step transformative approach designed to help companies turn customer experiences into their biggest sales and brand differentiator.  In an independent case study by MarketingSherpa, the Sellers’ Compass™ framework led to a 130% increase in lead quality and a 40% lift in sales-accepted leads.

The Sellers’ Compass is a proven blueprint for B2B companies to define, implement and measure best practices that find and fix experiences and interaction points that impact customer loyalty, sales and satisfaction.  The set of methods address 6 key business challenges that all companies face:

  1. Improve marketing campaigns that are not converting
  2. Shorten sales cycles and regain revenue predictability
  3. Build faster market share in new markets
  4. Increase customer renewal rates and satisfaction scores
  5. Correct business processes that result in customer churn
  6. Know your buyers’ expectations and activities in actionable ways

Customers won’t wait for brands to fix their processes, they expect improvements made right away.  Companies implementing a customer alignment methodology should expect the same.

Our clients have realized, on average, these results:

ROI of Sellers Compass

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The Sellers’ Compass is based on 4 method blocks4 method block

Each service block contains templates, tools, best practices, process flows, report formats and service delivery plans designed to quickly deliver measurable results.

Journey icon


Journey is foundational to the Sellers’ Compass and the starting point.  The place is start is with an assessment and blueprinting exercise. Each company’s blueprint is unique to them – it defines the path they need to take and the milestones to achieve their specific customer-alignment goals.

In Journey detailed maps of all the buyers’ activities, sought content, decisions and expected experiences over the lifecycle of the relationship are documents.  These maps are operationalized to improve marketing and sales processes, content strategy and campaigns.

Our client, Lithium Technologies, describes the benefit of the Journey method block this way:

“We’re using the Journey Maps as a foundation to build our content strategy AND mix initiative.  This is really about understanding our customer, their needs, buying process and decision.   Without the Sellers’ Compass we can only GUESS.”
Kenny Lee, Director of Demand Generation, Lithium

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How companies approach customer success is determined by their goals.  If the business objective is to define and operationalize a customer experience that truly differentiates the brand, the Grow method block as the next step.

Sellers Compass-Grow Services


Grow builds on Journey’s improved marketing and sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction by implementing the right set of best practices.

This method block begins with a Gap Analysis of where and which current interaction points and practices align with buyers’ expectations and journey steps. The outcome is a detailed plan on how to rapidly align to customer expectations through business process changes, technology mapping, sales or customer success enablement, lead2close / onboarding2renewal processes, and setting up the metrics and dashboards to measure customer health.

The last method is Experiencing Mapping where you define and implement a truly differentiated experience by co-creating it with your high-value customers.  This becomes for cornerstone of your differentiation strategy. The new Experience Maps are operationalized across your organization and all customer touch points through business process and technology changes.

“New Business Strategies’ Sellers’ Compass is a set of services based on a unique, proprietary methodology that guides us to more effectively enable, engage and establish, enduring relationships with our customers.”
Susan Lucas-Conwell, Global CEO, Great Places To Work Institute Inc.

Sellers Compass-Excel Services


Excel builds on the momentum and results of other completed method blocks.

From Journey maps and other deliverables most clients have an epiphany that their business strategy is out of step with what drives brand preference and loyalty in their target markets.

Aligning corporate business strategy with customer expectations drives faster growth because your high-value customers have a very clear idea of what their future needs are and how you fit into their strategy. Aligning to that is where your growth accelerators come from.

The Excel method block includes a guided process to help you ‘rethink’ those parts of their business models to improve customer alignment. We recommend Innovation exercises to explore and test new business models, lines of business, partnerships, etc. to drive step-level change in terms of revenue, profitability and market share growth.

Sellers Compass-Empower Services


From our experience, we’ve found that asking management and employees to change their behavior because it will, theoretically, improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and conversion is a big ASK.   It takes a lot more than logic to implant permanent behavior change.

Empower methods guide companies in how to train and enable employees so they discover on their own terms how aligning to customer expectations not only drives growth but gives them greater role clarity.  Empower builds the right DNA and skills within an organization to consistently meet customers’ evolving expectations.   Leadership coaching, employee training, and employee engagement are based on a combination of neuroscience techniques and Sellers’ Compass best practices.

These are designed to help employees ‘connect the dots’ between their roles and specific customer interaction expectations as well new models of accountability.   Organizational Alignment focuses on helping disparate teams identify common ground and develop strategies to meet to meet shared goals centered on customer success, loyalty and revenue growth.

The Sellers’ Compass methodology is comprised of 20 methods

SC services by block


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