Completing our training program equips teams and their leaders with the skills and tools to better understand, engage, convert and deliver value to their customers.

Our training helps companies create the customer loyalty and revenue/profit growth they need.  Each training class is a full day, based on the Sellers’ Compass™ approach, and held at a conference centers around the country.  At the completion of each training course, attendees receive a certificate, the course workbook and tools/templates .

“Getting trained on Sellers’ Compass™ techniques gives marketers a very clear starting point and path forward to drive more revenue through customer-centric campaigns, compelling content and demand generating programs. The bottom-line is the workshops are worth a day out of the office – definitely time and money well spent”
Hari Candadai, Vice President of Product Marketing, Rimini Street

Upon completion of the full program, attendees will be certified Operationalizing Experience Experts in the Sellers’ Compass methodology.

Decode Your B2B Customer – Workshop Course

This is a foundation course where you’ll learn how to quickly develop an actionable, “outside-in” understanding of your customers’ actions, expectations, and the trigger points that shorten a sales cycle while improving customer experience.

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Course Dates:

registernowJanuary 7, 2016 – Palo Alto, CA

Content that Converts – Workshop Course

In this fast-paced, interactive course you’ll learn how to develop a content strategy and plan that increases your sales team’s number of ‘at bats’ and close rates as well as how to build early preference for your brand with content.

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Course Dates:

registernowDecember 10, 2015 – Palo Alto, CA – Registration Closed

Campaigns That Create Customers – Workshop Course

In this hands-on, case study based course you’ll learn how to develop and execute omnichannel B2B campaigns that pull buyers faster through their own journeys by knowing which engagement strategies and calls-to-actions to use and when.

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Course Dates:

registernow January 14, 2016 – Palo Alto, CA



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