“New Business Strategies helped us understand who we were, who our customers should be and where we fit into the ecosystem. We were able to achieve everything we could have expected, while staying within our budget, because of the early planning we did with New Business Strategies.”
Jan Ryan, President, Social Dynamx/Lithium

The increasing pressure to drive more sustainable growth is inspiring a growing number of CxOs to turn their companies into customer-aligned powerhouses.

The Customer Alignment Trend

Having invested significantly in CEM, DX and CX technology with elusive loyalty, revenue growth and differentiation results, CxOs are now taking control of the charge themselves. They realize technology alone can not yield customer alignment; rather it is a business discipline their organizations must excel in and involves strategy, people, and process changes institutionalized by technology.

The question is often – how to start and what approach to follow.

Your options are to launch a big project, hire an expensive name-brand consulting firm or do something counter-intuitive.  CxOs realizing they don’t know what they don’t know find starting with a Customer Coach is a lower risk, high return approach.

The Customer Coach is an experienced resource that’s “been there, done that” who can help you shape the right course for your business, help identify those micro-moments of pain/influence that are ideal starting points, share best practices and tools, be a confidential sounding board, and coach your teams.  As well as help the Board of Directors understand why ‘this way’ instead of ‘that way’.

The Customer Coach Program (CCP) is designed to build the internal knowledge and provide hands-on guidance on how to define, implement and execute a customer centric strategy that moves the needle.  The Coach is an experience practitioner that serves as a sounding board, helps course correct programs, and influence and encourage key team members to adopt new practices.


Below is our average results from past clients, achieved within 6 months from program completion:

  • 1-2 hour investment once or twice a month.
  • Includes kick off assessment and blueprint.
  • Advice unique to your situation and blueprint.
  • 300% increase in email open and click thru rates.
  • 100% increase demand and customer marketing results.
  • 40% increase in marketing ROI.
  • 30% increase in sales pipeline.
  • 20% increase in year/year revenue.

Structure of the Program

“New Business Strategies’ Customer Coaching Program was exactly what we needed to help sales and marketing align to our customers’ expectations.

The Program kicked off with a full day customer journey mapping workshop. We learned what content was required as well as what we don’t know about our customers that we need to research.  Our regularly scheduled coaching calls helped guide us to implement a strategy that aligned to our customers.

I really appreciated how responsive, accessible and flexible Christine Crandell was. It was fun and educational, and I recommend NBS to any company looking to truly connect with their customers.”
– Laurie Earl, Marketing Manager, Tri Tool


First we’ll do an assessment to understand where the organization’s greatest opportunities for growth lie. The assessment is input into an on-site workshop with the team. The deliverable will be a blueprint – including milestones and target results – that guide the team.

Instead of trying to


The blueprint is the foundation of our coaching action plan to get you what you want to be. In each in-person or remote session we’ll focus on topics including:

  • Micro-moments of pain or influence that offer the significant ROI
  • Gaps in your customer alignment knowledge, tools or experience where the team needs help
  • Customer knowledge or insights gained and how they fit into the customer alignment strategy
  • Guidance in shaping a customer-aligned business strategy or how to expand involvement to other teams

Customer Coaching is focused on optimizing your knowledge and leadership skills and ability to cultivate customer alignment in others. Your coach will also help you understand, research, collaborate, connect and influence more deeply up, down and across the org chart as well as help boost your brand with customers.

Contact us to discuss how this coaching will benefit you.

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