New Business Strategies provides consulting services to help C-Suites and their teams achieve target growth results.  Our approach to cross-functional customer-alignment and sustainable growth is based on our Sellers’ Compass™ four-step methodology.

We appreciate that picking the right consultant can challenging. We collaboratively define each project together with client personnel to make sure the steps, deliverables and ROI are just what you need within your time frame and budget. Review about some of our clients are saying about us.

A Sampling of the Sellers’ Compass™ Services include:

Learn fix align, etc.

  • Customer-Alignment BluePrinting:  On-site workshop that includes a comprehensive assessment to define how your organization can quickly become customer-aligned. Includes an easy to understand step-by-step blueprint that clearly shows prioritized actions and time frames.  Contact us to learn more.
  • Organizational Alignment: Whether it’s resolving sales and marketing conflict or aligning all employees to the company plan or customer engagement expectations, we have the tools and experience to help you quickly build a nimble and accountable aligned organization.

“New Business Strategies has helped me and my teams to align sales and marketing, improve the predictability of our sales cycle, and sell more effectively to hyper-informed buyers, which is about everybody in today’s world.  In short, their approach and services work…with quick time-to-value.”
Brian Carr, Vice President Sales, MobileIron

  •  “Decoder Ring” Journey Mapping: Develop deep, actionable understanding of Buyers’ “Decoder Ring” to enable marketing, sales and customer success teams to understand customer intent pre- or post-purchase. Deliverables include easy to understand, detailed visual maps of what buyer/personas do at each step, where they go, decisions made and why, and who else is involved.

“At Lithium we used the Sellers’ Compass Journey Maps as a foundation to build our content strategy AND mix initiative.  This is really about understanding our customer, their needs, buying process and decision. Without the Sellers’ Compass we can only GUESS.”
Kenny Lee, VP of Marketing at Lithium

  • Content Strategy: Understand exactly what content buyers seek and value at each journey step. Deliverables include an actionable content strategy that defines each asset the buyer looks for, tone and language expected, and how they plan to use it.
  •  Campaign Optimization: Understand exactly how to align waterfalls, elements and CTAs to buyers/personas journeys, pre- and post-purchase, and key decision points. Know how to improve CTA conversion and accelerate sales cycles. Deliverables include an overall campaign strategy, define effective CTAs and key messages,and campaign metrics.
  • Lead to Close (L2C) or Onboard to Renewal (O2R):  Understand how to accelerate sales cycles, renewals, up/cross sales and drive more predictable revenue. Deliverables include defining who does what, when, where and why, and aligning sales, customer success and marketing processes and workflow to improve close rates, loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Employee Alignment: Understand the connection between employee motivation, job description and customer experience that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. Deliverables include working with teams and individual employees to ‘connect the dots between roles and key moments of customer truth’, evaluating culture and processes that are working against customer alignment goals, and recommended correction action plan.
  • Custom Consulting Projects:  Based on your specific goals, we leverage our three decades of hands-on experience and Sellers’ Compass best practices to define an approach that achieves your needs and fits your budget and time frame.   Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your growth goals.

“New Business Strategies brought Selligent a deep understanding of the B2B relationship marketing space.  They supported our US market entry with high quality thought leadership that supported our positioning as an innovator in marketing automation.”
Nick Worth, Chief Marketing Officer, Selligent

  • Customer Coaching: We offer one-on-one or team based customer alignment coaching to guide an organization’s customer strategy.  The Customer Coach is an experience practitioner that serves as a sounding board, who can help course correct programs and share best practices to help you achieve your objectives.

“New Business Strategies’ Customer Coaching Program was exactly what we needed to help sales and marketing align to our customers’ expectations.  The Program kicked off with a full day customer journey mapping workshop.  Our regularly scheduled coaching calls helped guide us to implement a content strategy that aligned to our customers. I really appreciated how responsive, accessible and flexible Christine Crandell was. It was fun and educational, and I would recommend New Business Strategies to any company looking to truly connect with their customers.”
–  Laurie Earl, Marketing Manager, Tri Tool

  • Speeches and Off-SitesWe  design and deliver customized speeches and facilitate off-site programs to meet your particular goals. Whether it’s for a Sales Kick-Off, all-employee meeting, an executive retreat, or for an educational webinar, we provide inspiring content as speakers and facilitators.

“The feedback was hugely positive. In fact, everyone kept referring back to points Christine Crandell made for the rest of the meeting, and when we adjourned for cocktails the main discussion was around her list of things companies do to erode trust.”
–  John Ragsdale, Vice President Technology Research, TSIA

Corporate Strategy & Transformation Services:

  • Interim Marketing or Chief Customer Officer: Whether it’s until you identify the right candidate, need a specific set of experiences to execute a strategic shift, or implement a turnaround plan, we can provide you with a seasoned executive with experience in your customer market and industry.

“New Business Strategies’ wide range of experience and clear and effective communication resulted in the introduction and use of contemporary communications and marketing practices, a significant step forward for the University.”
–  Michael Hindery, (Former) Finance and Administration Executive, Santa Clara University

  • Strategic Planning: We have developed strategic plans for over 30 B2B companies worldwide and participated in due-diligence or integration of over 50 M&A transactions. The methodology we use is the Focus Framework to achieve key needle-movers. The result is an evergreen “plan on a page” with full organizational buy-in.

“New Business Strategies is one of the few firms I would have trusted to help us create that (strategic) action plan. They are highly experienced in the workings of a software company, so there isn’t a ramp-up issue there. Plus, they can evaluate you objectively within the environment you’re in.”
–  Tom Hennings, CEO, Foray Technologies

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