Sellers' Compass

B2B brands recognize that revenue growth lies in aligning their organizations – how they talk, act, respond, attract, service and keep customers – to their customers’ expectations.  Becoming customer-aligned is at the top of every CxO’s list.

The road there, however, can be full of obstacles created by organizational silos, product-obsessed teams, ‘inside-out’ cultures and processes, technologies that promise ‘one click’ customer experience management, and confusion around where to start and what the right next steps to realizing fast time-to-value, measurable results. Being able to build a holistic view of the customer, decipher intent and use those insights to drive meaningful lifecycle engagement and more revenue is something that you can achieve in less time than you think.

Our services help you drive more revenue, customer loyalty and value-add engagment with fast time-to-results.

Sellers’ Compass™ is a time-proven 4-step approach based on our own experience as CxOs cracking the nut of customer loyality and predictable revenue.  A combination of best practices, frameworks and documented methods, the  Sellers’ Compass spells how and where to start along with the next steps to align people, strategy, processes and technology outward so customer engagement becomes your biggest sales and brand differentiator.

Training and Certification is a curriculum based training program for B2B marketers, sales and marketing operations, digital marketing, and customer success teams. Designed to build the necessary skills, each hands-on training workshop uses real-life case studies, Sellers’ Compass tools and interactive exercises that enable attendees to ‘learn while doing’ in a small classroom setting with individualized attention from instructors.

Consulting  Services are customized professional services to help marketers and C-Suites understand and achieve the results that are key to growth.  These services include strategic planning, sales & marketing alignment, custom content creation, custom qualitative/quantitative studies and customer-alignment Sellers’ Compass services. Each project is collaboratively scoped with client personnel  to ensure target ROIs can be achieved within the agreed upon timeframes.

The Customer Coach is for marketing, sales, customer success or the C-suite who are driving their own customer alignment initiatives. The Board, company and your teams rely on you to know where to start, what the best path forward is and how to measure success along the way – BUT customer experience is not your core expertise.  This coaching provides the assessment, blueprint, tools, and routine team advising crucial to making the right choices.

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