New Business Strategies works exclusively with B2B companies, who share one thing in common, an opportunity to grow revenues faster by adopting a customer-centric business model that aligns to the customer experience.

Our customer stories, partner community and testimonials speak volumes as to the quality and results of our work. Our client engagements range from strategy and implementing the Sellers’ Compass™ methodology to positioning, sales and marketing alignment, market intelligence, and M&A.


Featured Client Study: Good Technology

Read how Good Technology leveraged New Business Strategies’ Sellers’ Compass  to create actionable buyers’ journeys and drive measureable results.

We’ve been growing fast and needed to ensure we optimized the productivity and efficiency of our expanding Sales and Marketing teams, so we engaged New Business Strategies to create an aligned organization with shared goals. They developed and implemented critical business processes, new systems, and shared metrics and dashboards that enable our marketing and sales teams and our company to grow and scale. We could not have achieved this in less than 6 months without New Business Strategies’ drive and commitment to our success.”
Susan Vinci-Lucerno, SVP of Marketing and Product Management, Good Technology

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