New Business Strategies is a top-rated B2B and B2B2C strategy, customer experience and fractional marketing resource consulting firm. We help growth stage organizations operationalize their customer expectations into their biggest sales and brand differentiators.

Customers won’t wait for brands to fix their processes, they expect improvements made right away.  We bring front-line expertise, analytics, a collaborative teaching philosophy and deep experience to drive revenue for growth stage, LOB, new corporate ventures and funded start-up companies.

Becoming customer-aligned doesn’t require black magic, complicated methodologies or huge teams of consultants. It comes down to aligning processes, culture, and technology outward on those micro-moments of pain and influence that determine value in the eyes of the customer.

Our clients’ results are:

ROI of Sellers Compass

They have seen measurable improvement in their customer retention rates and achieve more predictable revenue by understanding and operationalizing the expectations of their target markets.   Our process isn’t scary or takes a long time, using our Sellers Compass™ approach, we help clients identify and deliver the experiences their customers expect and value.

Our clients have increased revenues by 20+% by aligning their processes to their customer decision journeys.

Based in Silicon Valley, CA and Fort Lauderdale, FL, we have been helping clients across three continents to achieve their business objectives.  Our clients span industries including high technology, software, discrete manufacturing, education, and business services.